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A long day

Posted on: August 17, 2008

Had a very longggg day yesterday. Went to client around 11am+. Abah called to remind me to pick up my little brother at KLIA. He supposed to reached KLIA at 10pm. I planned to finish work by 6pm but at 9pm, i’m still at client, rushing here and there, aware of the clock ticking. By 9.30pm, I ran out to the parking and rushed to KLIA. My, what a long journey. Took the Seremban-SG Besi route and by 10.15pm, reached KLIA.

So I waited for him at the arrival hall. My stomach grumble loudly. Last meal is at 11am. I don’t know that when they say flight touch down at 10pm, meaning they will reach arrival hall at least in an hour;11pm. Yeah, I don’t know that, so I waited and waited, which seems like forever.

Saw him coming out around 11pm. Then he need to get his flight ticket to go back Kedah. The flight is at 7.45am the next morning. So he was thinking of staying there, so that I don’t have to send him to airport again. But at that time (1am), I felt so tired that I’m scared to drive alone. The road is long, I’m not sure if I can concentrate on the road if I drive alone. So I persuaded him to accompany me, promising I’ll send him back to the airport.

Reached damansara around 2am. By 5.30am, we already on our way to klia. Poor him, so tired and sleepy.. huhu. We blamed the travel agent cos he purchased the ticket without consulting my brother first. Thankfully I haven’t buy any ticket yet at that time.

So I sleep until noon today. Wake up and went to another senior wedding. It’s good to see few familiar faces. The bride and groom looks really great together.

All in all, I had a very long but great day.


3 Responses to "A long day"

aiyooo…u could have upah me to take ur brother if you’re so busy hahah

yea yea jadi org 1st yang tulis comment!!! yea yea!!!

wani – best ek skrg dah habis ko nyer training tuh.. hehehhe

kudin – upah ko mahal la weh,hahha

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