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PD trip

Posted on: August 25, 2008

I’m actually lying on my bed, with laptop on the pillow, while typing this.

Just got back from PD. It’s our annual department trip again.

We started our journey on Sunday morning with Treasure Hunt. Whoever thought it’s impossible that the journey from KL to PD can take 7 hours must never been on a treasure hunt before. The questions are HARD!! Seriously hard. But it was fun nonetheless. By the last 5 questions, we cannot read any signboard anymore as our brain are too tired solving previous Qs’.

The hotel is way better than last year Langkawi trip. It faces harbour so the view was really nice.

Last night we had dinner at the hotel ballroom. It was fun as lots of people dressed in costumes and masks. Yours truly opt for the latter choice as hiring a costume is not on the list… hehehe. There’s even a Flintstones !

We had funs with all the performance, karaoke sessions etc. Great night!

This morning, we had a paintball and go kart. I’ve always wanted to play this 2 games but there’s always not enough people, bz etc

So for the first time I played paintball. My heart was beating so fast when the siren was sound. And I’m not even sure what I shoot at.. hahahha. Neway, my team got disqualified cos our of the team member forgot to drop the flag after she got shot 😦

The go kart is also fun. Though in the 1st lap I didn’t dare to drive fast at the curves. After few laps, I’m having lots of fun with speed!! 😀

By 2pm, we checked out and head back to KL. I’m so tired and sleepy but very satisfied and happy with this trip.

Lets play paintball/go kart friends????


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Darling, tak jadi tukar hosting ke hehehe

actually already signed up for blogspot but forgot my password, username etc.. hahaha.
Lots of hassle plus very bz to think abt it so.. i’ll guess i’ll be staying here 🙂

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