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Nice weekend :)

Posted on: September 8, 2008

Had quite bz weekend.


Sahur with my aunty n uncle at Kg Baru while waiting for my bro to arrive. Never knew how ‘meriah’ Kg Baru was during this fasting month.

Took my bro to the Big Bookshop at Atria. Seriously, that is one place better than any warehouse sales, ehehe. Later went to One Utama shopping for him. Know what? He said while he’s in Cairo, he didn’t buy any clothes, cos he think he already have too many clothes!! I was like, “WOW”. I HAVE to buy at least one clothes every month, or I felt incomplete.. hehehe. Neway, bought him some T-shirts and pants.

Aunty held a birthday party for her 7 yrs old son. So we went to Pasar Ramadhan TTDI to buy foods for break fast. My, what a crowd! Where is all this people come from? People no longer cooking is it? I am so not going to pasar ramadhan anymore.

The party start at 9.30pm, after terawih prayer. Kids these days, so pampered. They just want toys, luckily for me, I know a great place that sell good toys at discounted price. No way I’m going to buy at Toys R Us.

Neway, the theme is football. He shown interest in football recently where last week, out of the blue called me to ask about David Beckham. He wanted to know which club Beckham was in before move to US. I asked him to googled. 🙂 Sib baik ada internet kan, they explain everything.


Took 5 little cousins to watch Wall-E. 5 kids, 2 adults! My bro and I got headache before the movie even start! Hahah. Neway, they had fun and so was I.  Watching Wall – E got me thinking how human will be when they started to relied everything to robots! Nak jalan pon tak reti ok.

Break fast at another uncle house. After Maghrib, went back home and start lying on the bed with a great book. What a nice way to end the weekend 🙂


2 Responses to "Nice weekend :)"

bazaar ramadhan taman tun memang besh kan?..hehe..sangat besh!

got variety of foods BUT.. the crowd is so bad… hilang mood nak membeli.. huhu

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