Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: September 13, 2008

Called in sick yesterday. Not sure actually the reason I’m sick. Was it bcos the client got the aircond temp at maximum? Feels like I’m in UK last Wednesday. It was so cold and I’m wearing baju kurung. Huh! By the time I got home, I’ve got flu and cough. Still manage to go client on Thursday as joint-senior called in sick.

Or maybe I got sick cos I’m so scared. Just got promoted to senior last week and I already have to handle a client. And a first year client too. Oohhh… bad bad.. no last year working paper to follow. 1st year client means we have to do all the understand the processes. Test of control lagik. Loads of papers!!! Aishhh

Actually got an experienced senior in this team but he will only be with us until end of this month. After that I have to handle everything. Aiyakkk… very scared. I always work in big team that I NEVER touch any admin works. I just concentrate on my part and let all the seniors etc take charge. Anything I just report to them. 

And suddenly, I was given this one client, first year pulak tuh. Ughhhhhh.. misery misery

But a girl got to do what a girl got to do. Chin up, smiley face and nod head at everything the manager said. “Sure, ok, can… ” yeah.. promotion come with big responsibility. And if i have to learn it the hardway, just face it! Right?

Wish me luck peeps.

I just hope it won’t interfere with my Raya cuti or I could cry… huhuhu


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