Blurt It Out!!

Reached the max

Posted on: September 26, 2008

Today supposed to be a good day.

Bcos I’ll be on Raya leave next week.

So, today SUPPOSED to be a good day.


I broke down and cried.

You see, my current job, is a very rush job. The manager and director want A LOT of IMPOSSIBLE things to be delivered asap. So I worked like hell. Break fast at client then continue working. By the time reached home, all I want to do is sleep.

Actually everything have to be submitted today. And suddenly, just this afternoon, I discovered client did something, which they never tell me they did that before.

So the samples I chose for my job are WRONG!! And there are 70-80 samples.

And I nearly finished looking at all samples.

BUT now, I have to change my samples. Meaning – DO ALL OVER AGAIN FOR ALL SAMPLES!!! and we r talking about 70-80 samples!!!

So I cried.

Part of it is my fault cos I didn’t ask RIGHT questions at client. Another stupid policy of client, “Only answer what they ask. Don’t tell any extra info”. Which is plain stupid, how do I know what kind of Qs to ask??????? Arghhh

Damn mad.

Very sad.

I supposed to go back to Kedah tomorrow and have my Raya in peace.

Now I don’t see the word PEACE anymore.


2 Responses to "Reached the max"

I know this is soo cliche, but s.a.b.a.r. ye 😛

It’s just another bump in our career life

Thanks Aan. Sorry u called me at a bad time the other day. Huhuhu. Neway, probs solved. Cannot wait to see u at ur akad nikah next week! 🙂

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