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wedding wishes

Posted on: November 4, 2008

I have attended several weddings since last month. And I have yet mentioned them here. Sorry peeps, head too bogged down with works, yeah, I know, excuses!


So, in akad nikah order:



Her reception is last Saturday, held at Felda Villa near the Dewan Perdana Felda. The concept is a garden wedding. And, it was beautiful. There’s a small ‘teratak’ with pelamin and was beautifully decorated will flowers. I took several photos around that area, hehehe. Yeah, yeah, confession, I’m thinking of doing it too. Hoping the ‘teratak’ at my parents’ house can fit the small pelamin. Hehehhe


Aan dear, I wish u well. I wish u happiness. And I’m glad it’s him. J

I’m also glad in the end, u got ur simple wedding.

Housewarming sila ajak aku okay. 😛



It’s quite a surprised for me when few months ago, she invited me to her engagement ceremony. Well, in our circle, we expected Midah or Zara to tie the knot first. No offence Nura.


Went to her akad nikah and with one lafaz, she is officially Faizal’s wife. She looks radiant and beautiful.


During the night, I attended the reception held at Hotel Singgahsana. With her “Miss America” crown, I say the wedding was a successful one. Err.. except when the ‘singer’ sang Siti Nurhaliza song. Erkkk… tersedak kejap.. ehehe. Kidding ok.


Nura, I wish u a blissful marriage life. Moga2 lepas ni, tak garang sangat.. hhehehe.



Back at uni, she told us that she will get marry at 25. And she did. J

I’m glad she found Aizal. I’m glad she found someone who treated her right. She deserved that.

So, I didn’t go to her akad nikah as I got to work that day.

Went to her reception at Dewan Majlis Perbandaran Selayang. And what a timing cos when we arrived, the groom was just arrived and they were preparing to walk into the hall together.

She looks pretty in green. She looks happy. J


Congrats Midah. All the best in this new phase of your life. Wishing u happiness in your marriage.


There’s more wedding I have to attend this month. So more wedding wishes posts coming up!


3 Responses to "wedding wishes"

Thanks darling. Wishing the best for u pulak. Even Kedah pun insyaAllah sampai hehe


fiena! Ingat aku lagi? Your ole blogger friend 🙂
Susahnya nak track blog hang ni.. lompat sana lompat sini. Nasib baik ada tinggal pesan kat setiap blog. He he…
How are you? Masih gila buku lagi? Kerja kat mana skrg? I’m staying in gombak & u’re more than welcome to come to my humble abode! Boleh laa swap buku…

JO!!! OMG!! Lama gile tak dengar cite.
Work sumwhere in D’sara area.
Beb, email me plss. Bley borak2 lagik.

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