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Melaka trip

Posted on: November 28, 2008

 This entry supposed to come out last Monday but wordpress server was so slow… so here it is



I had a very nice weekend 🙂

Went on a roadtrip to Melaka last Saturday. Guess what, I never seen the famous Bandar Melaka. I’ve been to Melaka, for friend wedding, for BTN but not Bandar Melaka.

So, I’m exploring Bandar Melaka last Saturday. I saw the clock tower, the red buildings, the shops along the malacca river (not sure what the name of the river but the scenery remind me of Belgium).

Went inside Muzium Melaka with big hope of exploring Hang Tuah bersahabat history but the only thing I found interesting was the old coins and notes used during japanese times etc.

Initially I thought Melaka is small. I thought there’s just the Bandar Melaka, with the red shops, the clock tower etc. Then we got lost at the other side of Melaka. We keep on following the signboard “Pusat Bandar” but found no pusat bandar! Then we decided to cross over a bridge and voila, we found the red buildings again!! So, u can get lost in Melaka and it’s not as small as I thought it was.

Neway, we took few photos especially around the clock tower and alongside the river, which due to my laziness to resize, u might see it later or not at all 😛

After exploring Bandar Melaka, mainly the clock tower, the museum, the fountain, the red shops, the eye of Malaysia, Menara Taming Sari, ermm, guess that’s all, we off to Mahkota Parade.

Oh yeah, guess what, I didn’t see A Famosa! Yours truly who have minimum knowledge abt Bnadar Melaka thought the A Famosa Resort was the famous A Famosa! So we went to the a Famosa resort and took the pics of the entrance which I thought was THE A Famosa! Hahahaha, silly me! When we got back to KL that I realised it’s a wrong one! Huh!

Okay, we had drinks at Mahkota Parade cos the weather was blazing hot! We want to go to Dataran Pahlawan as I’m attracted to it’s modern look but due to the hot weather and the tempting cold drinks, we didn’t cross the road to Dataran Pahlawan. A decision I regret later when I found out they got Zen (which have the delicious chocs gateau).. huhuu

We had early dinner at Umbai. Yeap, the famous Umbai. People always told me Umbai is the seafood heaven. Oh yeah, the road was tricky, got to ask local people few times before can even see the signboard! But it was worth it.

The food was fresh and NICE!! I Like!

Again, due to my laziness, I’m not posting the photos I took of the glorious food… hehhe. Scenery was nice, the restaurant overlook Pulau Besar.

Good food + nice view = Happy Stomach 😀

I love my Melaka roadtrip. Hope to do other roadtrip soon 🙂



2 Responses to "Melaka trip"

Hey thank God u are ok. Me dah start worrying, and nak call u but asyik tangguh2.

Btw, hope u have another good weekends ahead. Balik kg tak for raya haji?

Hi, nice post 🙂

My visit to Melaka in Decmeber changed my thinking about this lovely city. Melaka is really amazing .. 🙂

Soon after my visit I compiled a blog about Melaka Malaysia

Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Melaka soon 🙂

cheers …

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