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My hari raya

Posted on: December 10, 2008

Since parents are at Makkah performing their hajj, I decided to celebrate Hari Raya Haji in KL. And also the fact that Hari Raya is on Monday and I have to work on Tuesday, I don’t think going back to Kedah is a good idea.


Anyway, on the hari raya itself, my aunty and I went to her friend house in Keramat. And the actual reason I went with her is due to daging kambing. Yes, her friend served daging kambing baker with yummy gravy. Those who close with me know I cannot resist daging kambing. I love it!!


So yours truly, makan sampai tak hengat dunia. When I reached home, I had sore throat which did not get better although I drank gallons of water. Of course, by the end of the day, my body started to feel the heat. And later in the evening, it followed up with flu and cough later in the evening.


So yesterday, I took MC. Since my body was very tired, I decided to try the clinic near my new house. And it was a stupid mistake. I should just go to clinic I normally went.


The doctor is very slow. I have to wait around half an hour for him to check 1 patient. Even when I was examined, he did everything like in slow motion. Anyway, in the end I ended up paying 100 bucks for the medicines when the price is actually RM50. Because the staff there cannot remember whether I have given her 50 ringgit or not! I remembered of course! I even remember that there’s a bit of tear on the 50 note! And the fact that I just went to bank that morning thus I clearly remember the balance in my purse!


Due to my tiredness, I don’t want to argue (which means I’m really sick cos normally I will argue), thus just paid another 50. I made a mental note not to go to that stupid clinic ever again!! And believe it or not, that clinic did not even have cctv!! Abeh tu kalo ada org curi? Geram betul.



1 Response to "My hari raya"

OMG what a badddd clinic? And don’t you think that the cashier mcm menipu? Ahh whtever la..janji u getting better. Take good care of yourself now ok 😀

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