Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: January 18, 2009

Conversation with an aunty one evening.

Aunty: U know, yesterday I asked Tasya (her 9yrs old daughter) what was she watching on the YouTube. U know what she said?

Me: What?

Aunty: Mama, u wouldn’t know. Along(me) would know.

Me: Hahhaha

Aunty: And I was thinking at that time, what does she think about her mother. Outdated ke mak aku ni

Me: Ala, u know I like cartoons,anime and korean dramas, so they can relate to me.

—- Aunty worried her kids won’t share things with her.. hmmm—-

Another incident:

I was at office when my 8 years old cousin, Iezat called.

Iezat: Along, which club is Beckham in?

Me: Err.. Manchester United

Iezat: Yes, but he’s not there now.

Me: Yeah, he went to Real Madrid

Iezat: But now he’s in US team right

Me: Ermm.. why don’t u google him because I don’t know

Iezat: Okay

Later when I went to his house.

Iezat: You know, David Beckham is with Galaxy.

Me: Ooo.. good

—- I’m just glad they find me useful for something! Hahha–


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