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Getting old

Posted on: February 4, 2009

I’m not a coffee person. I drink it when necessary such as in class especially after lunch or during training. I didn’t drink it while working. Not until today.

My other colleagues seem surprised when they offered coffee and I refused. Auditors and coffee is like a match make in heaven, perfect for each other. But I don’t like coffee, even in class; I only drank a bit, not the whole can (Nescafe Ais), as I don’t really like the taste of caffeine. And I don’t want to be addicted to coffee too!

But today, I guess it just shows. I’m too tired, working more than 12 hours everyday for months now, my energy level has deteriorated. I need coffee to keep me awake or I can’t do my work.

I’m getting old ~


1 Response to "Getting old"

hahaha… good for u for sticking to the healthy lifestyle. I can tell by your luminous complexion in your friendster pix… hehehe. Kopi sekali sekala takpe. In my case, I dunno how I’d survive wo coffee. Btw, fiena, i’m back in school (at least for the weekends la). My blog pun dah tukar ke lokasi lain.. you have the link here!

Let’s keep in touch k..

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