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Posted on: June 4, 2009

22 days and counting…

I can’t believe I’m gonna be someone ‘missus’ in 22days!! Gosh, to tell u the truth, I’m scared.
Yap, scared of whether the marriage gonna be ok.. huhuhu. I think those that got married really brave people, it takes a lot of gut to do it (or maybe I’m the only one feels like this?)

Anyway, regarding the wedding preparation, my wedding dress for Penang side, I’m still searching. Hahaha, yeah, like my aunty said, there’s a lot of bridal shop right? (Please nod.. huhu)

Currently I’m in Penang, auditing one of my clients. This week is the 4th week I’m here and I guess it give me opportunity to adapt myself here. And guess what, I miss my friends!! Of course he’s here, but when he’s working and cannot entertain me, I’m at loss!! I don’t have any friends here!! My favourite aunties are also in KL. Suddenly I totally depend on him!! (Just when I thought I’m an independent woman!!)

Anyway, for the time being, I’m gonna continue with my work in KL and he’s here in Penang. Then we both have to work out how it will be. I’ve been applying for jobs in Penang but choices are limited.. hmmmmmm

On another note, friends have been asking the question. “How do you know he’s the one?”
People, I don’t know!!
I think he can help me work out this marriage. One of the important criteria I’m looking for in a guy is; patient.
I’m a complicated girl. I worry a lot, especially at petty things. I think a lot. And.. ever since I’m working, I’ve been crying over my job.. A LOT!!
And he’s there; soothe my pain with silly jokes. He listened to all my grumblings. And sometimes he became the punch bag during my mood swings.
I feel secured when I’m with him. Safe. Comfortable.
I feel everything going to be okay when we are together.
So I believe by marrying him, the marriage going to be ok.
We will work together to make sure it’s going to be ok.

I once read that marriages is not about marrying ‘the one’ or finding your soul mate. It’s about two people working together to make sure the marriage work.

And I couldn’t agree more.

P/S: Dear friends who I have lost contact or due to my busyness, have forgotten to invite u, please message me here your email or address so that I could send u my wedding invitation card. I apologized in advance for not invited u earlier; it shows u how imperfect I am.


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