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A new stage of life

Posted on: July 22, 2009

Today marked 27th day I’m being a wife.
This week is the second week I started working after my long marriage leave.
During the leave, I spend every single day with him, thus the current distance is kind of hard for me to adapt.

Long distance relationship was hard but long distance marriage is way much harder. Suddenly I’ve become clingy and highly dependent on him. I’m not sure why but being that, it made the situation more difficult.

I think deep in my heart, I believe that a married couple (husband and wife) should be together. Both should endure the pain and happiness of the marriage life. Roles should have changed now that they are married.

But in my case, I’m married for nearly a month now and I haven’t yet cook for him. I’m still staying with my housemate. Except when he came, I still have dinner on my own. For me, there’s not really a much difference between my single life and married life. Why? Because my job required more attention from me; that I’m unable to perform my duty as a wife.

Ever since I started working after I got married, I feel kinda depressed. I mean, I work like hell during weekdays and I’m also required to work during weekend. Basically, working 7 days a week! Ughhhh…

Anyway, he said, “Now we have a family though there’s only u and me. U have to remember that you have to work hard, cari rezeki halal for the family’. So I guess I have to try to survive.

What a depressing story for someone who just got married.. huhu.

Anyway, on happy note, kawin best.. hahhaa. Now I don’t have to worry about the future of us, like where it’s going etc. I mean, we are married now so just thinking how to sustain the marriage etc.

First few weeks after I got married, I still called him my ‘boyfriend’ when I talked abt him to other people. Happy to announce now I refer him as my ‘husband’. I mean, it takes time for me to adapt that now that my life consist of him and I. Making decision are now not solely my power. Have to discuss though it may involve one party. That is something I have to remind myself because I used to decide everything myself and I did that few times after we got married which is not nice at all. So, there’s a lot of things to learn about marriage.

Okey, now rewind back and move to my akad nikah day.

Our solemnization ceremony was on Friday after Asar prayer. I went to make up right after Zuhur and finish just in time for the event. Make up is a looong process, but worth it (I look pretty!! :P)

With one lafaz, I’m officially his wife. I didn’t shed a single tear because my back is killing me due to terpaksa duduk bersimpuh dengan penuh sopan dan ayu (very hard!).

After the ceremony, there’s makan2 at my house but both of us are too busy taking photograph that we didn’t eat any of those delicious food that my parents had ordered =(.

Okeh, now the reception.

The reception at my house was next day. We had breakfast with my in laws family at my house. Then I’m off for another make up session. Around 12pm +, the groom arrived.

I informed my father that I want the kompang guys to sambut him, then I went to him and both of us walk to main table together.

Instead, the situation is a bit kelam-kabut. He arrived, went to main table alone, while myself whose inside the house, suddenly was being called by one of my aunties that he has arrived and was at the main table.

Anyway, other than that, all went well. The crowd was unexpected. Abah was expecting around 1000+ but we received more than 2000 guests. Luckily there’s variety of food to serve them. There’s still guests arrived around 7 pm!!

On that day, both of us feel so tired because we have to entertain the guests, then have to posed for the photographer so I cannot really think at that time. I still cannot believe I’m someone wife… hahhaha.

The best part, I have important people to celebrate that day with me. I am forever thankful and grateful for my friends, spending money on flight and toll to be with me at Kedah. I really really appreciate it. I don’t know how else to say Thank You Very Much. That day is more meaningful having u guys around.

For those that cannot make it but was sending me wishes through phone and facebook, thank you for the wishes. I hope this marriage will bring both of my husband and I happiness and joy.

Also, thank you for the presents, I have yet to use any of the presents given as I am still renting with my housemate. Will use it once we have our own house, InsyaAllah.


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Haaa! Baru update! Want to hear moreeeeee. Bila nak jumpa niiii

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