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Raya :D

Posted on: September 15, 2009

Counting days to Raya =D

This year will be different, I’m celebrating it with my husband for the first time. And my in-laws =D

Since we started dating years ago, my husband and I always slip in duit raya in the card. Usually it will be either 2 or 5 ringgit cos we will sign on it. Usually my duit raya have lots of heart on it.. Hhehehe

However, since last year, both of us is so busy that we didn’t see each other any card. But I still got duit raya, a much better amount with no signs

This year I can kiss his hand asking for forgiveness! Can’t wait =D

I wish I have a lot of leave so that I can go back a bit earlier, maybe baking cakes and cookies. However, due to my final paper, I have used up all my leave, even have to take unpaid leave!! Huhuhu

Anyway, I took a week off for this raya but have to come back to KL either Thursday or Friday cos I have mock exam on Saturday, so cannot really enjoy myself actually, have to do bit of studying.

Oh yeah, as for baju raya, actually we planned to wear green, being one of the hantaran gifts but my dear hubby delay in sending the clothes to the tailor thus we have to wear purple (its our baju kahwin). So yours truly have to find a purple baju kurung!! And the nice ones is very very expensive, RM400++!! Erk, I should have learn sewing!!
Luckily my mother have a contact so her friend still take last minute order. Hopefully it will turn out nice!!

Oh yeah, my parents will hosts an open house on the 2nd hari raya so if u happen to be in Jitra, do come by!

3rd raya we will be off to Penang 😀

Selamat Hari Raya everybody. Maaf zahir batin


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