Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: November 10, 2009


 –         4th – took my last paper which I hope I will pass. I want to complete my ICAEW pleaseeeee

–         5th – went for a job interview. A disaster! The essay is all abt technical questions and so is the interview session. I am sooo humiliated! Yes, an auditor with 3 years experience should know the answers actually but I just donno, I’m not prepared at all as I expected it to be just like other interview, “Background, why want the job yada yada”

–         Suddenly after the interview I felt so sad and low. Called up my aunty and friends, all are bz. Feel so alone. Called him, and decided then I’m going back to Penang. Need someone who care no matter what

–         Monday – back to office after a month of study break. Thankfully I have training this whole week thus I’m not immediately on the job, scared my body and mind got ‘shock’ with suddenly have to work hard… hahahah

–         Some of my friends which have gotten married said that a married man/woman is a poor man/woman. It is soooo true

–         There’s a lot of things to buy, washing machine, TV (mine rosak last week), fan, cupboards, bed, sofa etc etc

–         Plus, hubby don’t like paying those monthly instalment things, he don’t like being on credit so one month one item, there goes our salary

–         Meet my ex-college mate today at lunch time, he said I look a bit berisi.. and I immediately blame it on marriage and of course, the favourite question pop up.

–         For now, when the question pop out, I answered “ Uishh… hate that Q. Blum lagi”

–         Does the statement hurt people? But that Q hurt me a lot more

–         And its further annoying when people I hardly know asked me whether I’m on pill etc

–         Please!!! I hate to disclose my whole life publicly


Feel like stick a note on my head saying “I’m not preggie, no further Q plssss, better still don’t mention abt this at all!!!”



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