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My last weekend

Posted on: January 6, 2010

Two days in a row – working until 12pm.. from 9.30pm (after watching Boys over flower), korean version of F4 or Hana Yori dango. Still, it sucks cos I still got tonnes to do as this week is my final week at this client, wouldn’t want to handle extra client next week.

Btw, anyone know where I can get cheap dvd of Boys over flowers? Saw those at music store, RM100!! Aiyooo.. I can buy Charles & Keith shoes with that.. hahahah

Anyway, catching my breath right now. I have draw in my mind how my Saturday will look like: Working!! Plus hubby won’t be coming this weekend cos its my BIL bday this Saturday. Shuckss.. cannot celebrate it with the rest of the family.. aiyoooo

However, I am thankful Allah granted my wish last weekend.

I had a blast weekend!!

Saturday – woke up very very late.. tried at deferred tax again and FAIL!! Called my senior, told her I give up.. hahaha

Called Zara, then off we went to Port Dickson!!!

Took us 1hrs and half to reach the beach. My God, the beach is awesome okay. I can’t stop smiling!! Hehhehe

We had our lunch at a kopitiam where we got free drinks due to the waiters being mesmerised by Zara’s beauty… hahahahha , seriously, the waiters keep staring at her that I asked her to speak loudly in Kedah so that they know she’s not foreigner.. hahahhaha

Then we off to the beach!!! There’s lots of people there but that did not keep us from having fun. We had fun walking between the sea (huh? Serious.. between the sea.. hahaha)

Zara however felt really disappointed that we didnt have a chance to swim. We did thinking of buying baju bundle and just jump off but we r racing with time!! And I promise Zara next time, we will plan carefully where we can swim and visit Muzium Tentera (the museum look really unique and lots of people goes there)

Then Saturday night, hubby came!!!! So so so happy. He stayed until Tuesday. Sighh.. missing him

Anyway, I love my last weekend.

Want to go to PD again!!! Anyone?


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