Blurt It Out!!

Oh my…..

Posted on: January 19, 2010

Manager asked whether he can come to my current client and review my working papers for last week client.
I have so many things to do and the truth: Last week working papers still all over the place, that I SUGGEST him..
To go review other client first
Huhuhuu.. I never know I have the gut to do it!!!
Anyway, thankfully he do have other client to review so he agreed. So tonight I have to finish up my last week client and today find issues for this week ones cos I promised him that too… erk!!!

I’m soooo excited.
Just received email from partner. KL office agreed to let me transfer to Penang office by end of March. So now waiting for Penang office whether they have vacancy or not. They should have, everybody resigned right now, especially seniors, right?
Oh myyy… if everything goes according to plan, I’m moving to Penang in April!!!!
Please Allah let everything goes well. I really want to avoid that one big client which start in June. Pleaseeee
Pray for me too, ok?


3 Responses to "Oh my….."

InsyaAllah, Ameen.

wahh good good. hopefully jadi la, i know being apart frm hubby is hard. neway forgot to tell u that day that my sister have the whole episodes of BOF, dload punya..can burn for u, u want?

Z- 😀

Aan – Tak susah kan ke kalo nak burn? Subtitle bahasa apa? Kalo bukan English tak nak.. hehehe.
Kalo susah, xpe, aku dh jumpa kedai yg murah, cuma blum sempat nk g beli jee

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