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Just a thought

Posted on: January 24, 2010

Both weekends keje .. feel like a loser.. huhuhu.

Anyway, the other day I read a friend blog. She said she’s going to get married bcos she want someone to take care of her. She said she hated it when she got pain in the middle of the night, that she got to called up friends to take her to hospital.

That make me wonder.

I’m living alone. If something happen in the middle of the night, who can I call for help?

So, lets see who I know live in Damansara area.

I’ve got aunty, but she got little baby and uncle always bz with his politic that he hardly home.

I’ve got Aan, but she also hv little baby.

I’ve got 3 colleagues living nearby, one is no longer in contact. Another one is going to move out from D’sara soon and another one is a workaholic. Always at office… hmm…

There’s another friend but since I’ve got married, we no longer in contact. So, not sure.

There’s Fatin!! Hehehhee. So Fatin, that left u.

Anyway, I just hope nothing bad ever happen that need me to disturb other people.

Though sometimes I wish for a housemate but when I think about needing to know another stranger, uishhh.. malas!! Donno can trust or not etc.

My uncle who was single experienced a bad pain that he passed out in the bathroom. When he wake up, he was sprawling on the floor. He dragged himself for the phone and called an ambulance.

Yikes, that is sad. What if he never wake up? What if he’s not able to move his limbs?

Oh Allah, please protect me from all the bad things.


2 Responses to "Just a thought"

u can always call me đŸ™‚ i’m the best housemate ever!!! plus my husband is an auditor….basically i’m alone at home :p

Hahahhaha. Kesian gile jadi wife auditor.. huhu. Xpe, sampai hujung thn ni jee… hehehe

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