Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: February 1, 2010

Monday – 9am dh pegi keje.. huhuh. sampai2 hanya ada 6 org kat office and sgtlah panas sbb xde aircond. Isk.. lemah semangat gile bila sampai. Hahhaha Anyway, plan nak abiskan secepat mungkin, harap2 kul 3 bley balik.

Skali 4.30 baru bley blah, tu pon bos dh bg extra works utk mlm   nih.. huhuhu

Neway, in laws sudah pulang semalam.

And everything went well, i think.

We eat out everyday; breakfast, lunch and dinner! hehhehe

And Aan, Sari Ratu is my in laws favourite restaurant, kalo dtg x penah miss pegi. So kalo aku tapau dr situ, haruslah diorg tahu bukan aku yg masak.. hahahha

Neway, FIL asked me playfully how often I cook. And me, playfully answered, Oh, when I came back early, masak maggi =P

Oh dear~ hahaha, hopefully they did not regret spending all the money for the kenduri, now knowing how I am.. hahaha


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