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Confuse in love

Posted on: March 10, 2010

A friend is experience confusion in her love life right now. They’ve been going out for few months but the guy did not yet asked her to be his gf or talk abt feelings between them.
She’s getting confused.

Sometimes its like wasting time when u r not sure whether u r a special one or just a friend or lepak buddy. Sometimes u have showed so many very obvious signals but no response. Then u just had enough, u want to stop chasing and give up and eventually chose the other guy that love u.

Many people said that chose the one who love you cos whatever happen, they will love u rather than chose those that you love, but u not sure he loves u back or not, cos u end up suffering alone.

And they said most women easily fall in love or open her heart when she see what the guy that love her sacrifice for her. Meaning, if u chose the guy that love u, but u not 100% in love with him, ur heart will eventually open up for him, as days goes by and u see what he did to make u happy etc.

But sometimes, guys are just toooooo slowwww that the girl get tired of waiting and guessing that in the end, he end up alone. Because of his stupidity for not confessing his love.


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