Blurt It Out!!

ceramah ari ini :)

Posted on: April 10, 2010

Currently I’m in Penang, at my in-laws. Since hubby have to work this weekend and can’t go to KL, I go to him 🙂 Taking the opportunity of this rare free weekend before busy weekend started next 2 week.

I’m going back tomorrow and the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. You lot sure know why, i’ve been complaining enough.. hehehe.

Once my mother advise: Belajarlah memujuk diri sendiri. Stress tak bagus utk kesihatan. Kena belajar pujuk diri sendiri.

That words hit me. I never thought of pujuk myself. I always want others especially my hubby to pujuk me, for things that are not even his fault. I want him to shower me with good words to lift up my spirit.

But, the truth is, we can pujuk ourself. And I feel now I’m stronger than before.

Yes, I still cry sometimes. But not EVERY night (yes, I used to cry every night, no kidding)

And yes, there’s that deep pain in my heart at the thought of him being far but I can now soothe the pain myself

My way?

Al-Mathurat every morning after Subuh – I found that it has helped me a lot, Allah has helped ease my burden in some way or other.

I felt strength to overcome obstacles in front of me

And now, at work, when I used to listen to songs from my laptop, now for the whole day, I only listen to nasyid and zikr. And the words soothe me. Give me some peace. Remind me that after each obstacles, there is blessing.

Just a suggestion. Go back to Allah. Only HE can help. Tell HIM the problems. Cry to HIM. Asked for guidance. Asked for strength. Only HIM, can ease the problems.

Allah test HIS servant only things HE knows HIS servant can manage though we think we can’t. And slowly, we have to learn to accept all these things because in every problem, there is a blessing. We can’t see, we may never know what it is but there is.

Everybody have drama in their own life. U know my drama. And I found out that by being closer to HIM, I feel much calmer. There’s still crying but less.

So TRY it. Not only in times of difficulties, but all the times. Supaya hidup dlm keberkatan.


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