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My makan2

Posted on: April 19, 2010

Hold a little makan2 last Satuday. I’ve been intending to invite friends for makan2 but has been delaying it and since I’m a bit free last weekend, I immediately called Sem. Hehhe. Asking for help.
Actually I planned to go to Pasar Tani and buy laksa, bihun sup etc and just serve that to my guests.. heheh. But Sem suggest I cook Nasi Ayam and she offer to help, plus Zara is also helping so, Nasi Ayam then.
And it was a very delicious Nasi Ayam. Serious sedappp.. hehehhe.
People start to come after Zuhur and it was fun. It has been a long time since we gather together so it was kind of nice to talk and laugh. We even watched Adnan Sempit (I watched it twice) and I’m officially Sam’s fan.. hehehe… I mean, he’s really good with facial expression!! And the scrip is funny too!
Anyway, last guest go off around 9pm and once they gone, I just lay flat on the sofa. Sooo exhausted!! It has been ages since I hold any makan2. I mean, I think last was in Lancaster which is 3-4 years ago?? My whole body ache.. I’m getting old.
The next day, hubby had to help with cleaning the house, vacuuming, washing dishes… huhuhu.. I’m really grateful for having him =)
And again, BIG thanks to Zara and Sem for helping. It helps a lot!!
Bunch of thanks to those who came. It was fun and enjoyable!! Missing the moments!!
And Happy Birthday to Fatin!!! Jangan emo sangat okay.. Pandai2 la pujuk diri =P


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