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Kite flying

Posted on: May 26, 2010

While I was in Penang last week

I saw lots of kite flying around

And hubby claimed that he’s very good with flying kite

So I challenged him to prove it to me

So he bought a simple very cheap no quality kite (RM3 okay, it used to be Rm1 only last time.. huhu)

Then we went to Sg Pinang area, aka Gurney Drive 2

And his kite flew very high in just a short time

So pretty

Flying against the clear blue sky

With blue sea ready to catch falling kite

He let me hold the kite

But being me with a thought it just holding the string, nothing much.. hahaha

How wrong I was!!

In just short time, the kite seems to be lower and lower

Hubby quickly hold the string again (hmmppphhh)

So, kite flying is not so easy. There’s an art in the way you hold the string

Anyway, there’s quite a lot of people flying kite that day

What we don’t know is that their string has glasses specifically made to cut other people’s kite!!

And I think they are envy looking at hubby kite fly so high, they chase the kite and cut off the string!!!!

Our kite does not have glasses on the string thus we can’t fight!!

And these people then chase the falling kite, its like a reward to those that can get the kite. Some even swim at the sea to get kite that falls in the sea. I’m so amazed.

Overall, it was a great fun and it was a thrill playing it!!

Hope to do it again soon.

Btw, have u ever seen the movie Kite Runner? The scene where the kids flying kite from the rooftop in the city of Kabul, so beautiful!


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