Blurt It Out!!

Make ur own burger :)

Posted on: June 14, 2010

I’m on MC today. Period have been late for  5 days so went to see Doc. Good news (?), I’m not preggie but bad news, got some infection at my uterus, had to do pap smear (quite expensive but since only hv to do it once a year, guess its ok), and praying hard that the pap smear result turn out nothing serious.

On the other hand, hubby and I have been intending to make our own burger so today, after went to clinic, we went to market and bought some mince beef. At TTDI market here, 1 kg is RM14. Quite pricey I think but since we r in that neighbourhood, most things are expensive!!

And guess what, it is very very easy to make your own burger!! I use 500gm of mince beef and can get 6 slice of burger meat.

U just chopped the following and mixed together:

– 1 big onion

– couple cloves of garlic (I use 4 cloves)

– spring onion

Then add in some salt, some pepper, I’ve tried rosemary and thymes too (its ok but would be better without it), and some worchestershire sauce.

Whisk one egg so that the meat stick together.

Just mixed them all with ur hands and voila, u can fry it!

I’ve got pictures taken thru phone but my laptop dont have bluetooth so can’t show u the result but as hubby said, Very very satisfying and healthy.

And since I vowed not to eat McD anymore, I would make my own instead 🙂


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