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Posted on: June 24, 2010

And so.. pregnancy test showed 2 lines, which meant positive. Currently I’m in 5th week of pregnancy. I really really hope and pray that the baby will be safe until the delivery date. Quite worried actually, being busy with work and being stress almost all the time, I’m worried for the baby safety. Please pray for me so that everything goes well.

It is really a new experience for me, suddenly have to take note of everything that I eat, do and feel. Everything affect the baby. Suddenly felt huge responsibility as now my body is not mine alone.
I have not yet experience any morning sickness but I’ve read that it will start in week 6 so will have to see next week. I’m not sure I want to have any or not. I mean, if it is to happen, I feel very weak from all those vomiting but I’ve read that its good for baby as vomiting is a way to throw away all those toxins in my body. So, not sure.

So, whats have I experienced all this 5 weeks?
– my sense of smell is much stronger. There’s one time I think my showerfoam smell oily though I have been using it for months and never smell any oil. And I really can’t stand my manager smell after smoking, that I chose to distance myself from him.
– I’m experiencing a cramp that is similar to period pain cramp. I’ve read that its normal as the uterus is expanding to accommodate the baby.
– I have back ache which sometimes I feel like want to lie down.
– Got occasionally headache sometimes
Will update more later.


1 Response to "Positive"

Alhamdulillah. Happy for you Feens 😀
InsyaAllah, everything will turn out fine. I pray for both mom and baby to stay healthy. Ameen.

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