Blurt It Out!!

sakit sana, sakit sini.. huhu

Posted on: July 5, 2010

I’m on EL today. Last night sleep 1+ cos hv to submit report to manager so dengan stressnyer buat la tapi x abis gak. I’m so tired and cranky that I began to make up excuses to the manager. Neway, I drank milk before go to bed  and somehow it made me bloated. So sebelum tido dah sapu minyak kat perut though I’m worried will it affect the baby tapi sbb sakit sgt, sapu gak.. huhu.

So woke up in the morning, perut masih sakit. Start keluar masuk toilet. Badan rasa letih, kepala pening2. Msg my colleague, told her I hv stomach ache, will be going to work a bit late.

Around 12, start g keje. Along the way, rasa mcm period cramp, kepala pening and badan sgt2 lah letih. Rasa nak baring je. So call my colleague and sms my boss, I can’t make it to work today.

I feel guilty. Cos I’ve been taking too many leave lately but this pregnancy make me feel very very tired and exhausted though I didnt do anything much! All I want to do is lie down and sleep!!

So far I have not experienced any morning sickness but even without that, I feel so weak and tired.

Oh how… I feel worthless to my team.


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