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Pregnancy oh pregnancy

Posted on: August 25, 2010

I’m feeling quite well this past few days. Though I had bad vomit this morning and stomach cramp which I think due to food poisoning and resulted in me not fasting today. Other than that, I have not vomitted for 3 days!!!

And I’ve managed to go to malls!Just for an hour or two and I still end up sleeping for hours due to tiredness.. hehehe. I think I better start the pregnancy exercise cos sleeping and just lying around is not really going to do me any good. Pregnant lady have to exercise regularly.

And I have to force myself to drink milk or eat yogurt/icecream so that I can get enough calcium. My gum has started bleeding each time I brush my teeth. I’m quite worried actually, what if I start to lose my teeth? Huhuhu And I read that if I didnt get enough calcium, baby will take it from my bones too and I could end up having osteoporosis later.

Ahh… pregnancy, I just donno what to say.


5 Responses to "Pregnancy oh pregnancy"

Hey worry not…gum bleeding is normal (bukan sebab tak cukup calcium), it’s because when u r pregnant, the saraf there become so tender and sensitive. But my gum started to bleed after 6 months mcm tu. Nak tulis dlm blog, terlupa 😛

is it? mcm horror je tgk my gum. sangat takut ok. dan menyebabkan aku lagi malas nak gosok gg.. sbb asyik darah

hi cik feens!!! apa khabaq? nak tlg bg nasihat pon aku belom melaluinya kan :p nasib baik ada cik aan yg amat berpengalaman n ur mom n ur MIL…jgn risau2 sgt, relax n be happy, barula baby enjoy dlm perut mak dia 🙂 bila maksu balik dr Mekah? u take care!!

mak su dh balik last week lagi laa… hang aa.. sombong skrg.. merajuk!

mana ada sombong…kan aku tgh bz tlg carikan keja utk hang nih kat penang…hehehe :p byk sgt keja lepas cuti pjg aritu, semua mcm diam je….bulan ramadhan semua bz beribadat, x bole gossip…hahaha. take care!!

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