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5 months now :)

Posted on: October 21, 2010

So, where do I start. It has been a month since my last update.

I am now 23 weeks preggie (approx 5.5 months). My tummy has grown big that I think I look like a fat lady now. all my old clothes are safely put away in a big box which I hope after the delivery, I can still wear them (Really really hope :P)

I went to work everyday and telling my colleagues how ridiculous are the maternity clothes and how it make me look much fatter than I am already. Yeah, suddenly I have a vain issue.. huhuhuh.

Neway, I’m on MC today. Got bad headache due to constant late night working that I’m so dizzy, I’m scared if I even drive, I will hit something, huhuhu. Though I’m on MC, I’m still doing works at home. What a life! *sigh*

I know what the baby sex already!!! Hehhehehe. But I won’t tell u openly in this blog, if u want to know, call me… hahahha. Those that already knew, sshhhhh.. ok?

I still think it’s funny me, being pregnant. Hehhehe. It’s a real effort to stand up after lying down, seriously, mcm heavy weigh on my tummy, and the constant back pain, I even bring small pillow to client n office n got strange looks from people.. huhu. and my feet even swollen a bit, guess it cannot support my weight now.

As for mengidam, I have not yet crave anything. I mean, so far, I like eating sweet things such as cakes, chocs, juices, icecream which scares me as pregnant lady prone to get diabetic while pregnant. I’m trying to cut down on those but really really like them, esp now that work really stress me out!

I’ve been applying for jobs but I’m not sure anyone would want to offer me anything as I’m now preggie but just try my luck. See if I’ve got lucky! Pls pray for me ok, I am sooooo tired of audit life. I hate carrying those laptop bags, and files, and always have to go to client etc. Berat and penat!

Oklah, need to continue working. Will update later.


1 Response to "5 months now :)"

Hehe if u know the gender, then it must be a boy! Congratulations! Sorry I can’t keep u company because weekends has been very busy for me. Anyway dont forget to enjoy being pregnant ok! This is the time for you to be selfish and don’t care about a thing, except for yourself hehe. Once the baby pop-out, it’ll be a total turnover 😀

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