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Stroller, car seat, what else?

Posted on: November 3, 2010

Okeh, it has been weeks of searching, looking and still — we don’t know what stroller to buy. *Sigh*

There’s a sale going on right now until 14th Nov so if possible, we want to buy while the sale is on. I’m more towards Maclaren XLR/XT while hubby really like Peg Perego P3.

I need a good stroller cos since I’ll be alone most of the time, I need a light, easy to handle stroller. There’s no way I’m going to carry the baby while shopping alone. Right? So not practical.

So, I surf here and there. Went to few shops and getting out more blurry.. huhuhu

I wish we could buy Bugaboo.. huhuhu. Both of us love it! But very very pricey. I think I’m checking out the stores again this weekend and see if there’s good deal on it.. huhu.

We have also spend on baby clothes already! At Mothercare! *Sigh* Don’t think I’ll buy my own clothes for a while, baby stuffs are sooooo expensive!!

I saw that most friends prefer Maclaren. I will try to test them this weekend, bring in few shopping bags and see which I can handle best. The other day I went out with aunty and her 1 year old to Curve and I got panic seeing how she have to handle the stroller with her kid inside at the escalator! I think I will take lift all the way.. huhuu. My aunty also own Maclaren btw.

Which one? Any opinion? We dont mind investing in good strollers but not as pricey as 4K ++.. huhu.

Did I mention car seat also very expensive? *Huhuhu*


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