Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: November 4, 2010

Sangat sangat bosan skrg okay. Cos kena buat keje yg tak berapa mencabar, hahahha. Bila dapat yg mencabar, dok stress manjang la pulak kan. Abis tu camne? Haishh.. mmg tak reti bersyukur betul.
Tu kdg2 risau nk cari keje baru. Takut kebosanan melampau. Dah ada beberapa ex-colleagues nak masuk balik audit setelah mencari pengalaman di luar, alasan? Boring!!
Camne tuh?
Rasa menyesal dari semalam masih blum hilang. A big company called yesterday afternoon, offering an interview for a good position. I however, have no clue on what the department is doing as it is an oil and gas company and I never audit one before so I got pretty scared. I’m scared my last interview experience will repeat itself where they ask me lots of technical Qs and I can’t answer. Malu gilerr okay. So, yesterday I rejected the offer. Then they offer me another dept which I know involved a lot of overseas travelling so I rejected that too, I don’t want to be doing a lot of travelling once the baby is out. *Sigh*
Then I called a friend that audit that particular company. She scolded me quite bad. What they offer is far from what I think. It is a very good position and that company is a very very good company. I tried to call back the number they called me earlier but turn out it’s a dummy no. So, can’t reach it.
Now sangat menyesal. Padan muka kan. Lenkali pegi je la interview, tengok camne. Bukan confirm pon lagi kan. Tapi sebenarnya, aku mcm malas nk pegi sbb aku kan tgh pregnant skrg, so aku rasa mesti x dpt. Ntah sejak bila aku jadi seorg pessimist.. huhuh. Skrg sangat padan muka kan.
Moga2 ada rezeki lain yang lebih baik utk aku (ayat utk sedapkan hati sendiri).


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