Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: November 14, 2010

I’m leaving for Kedah in few hours. Got a week leave for raya haji. The truth is, I’m sooo not in a mood to do any work that I keep applying leave.. huhuh.

Won’t have anymore leave after this.. huhuh

Last Thursday was ICAEW graduation day. A ceremony to celebrate and recognise our hard work and tears. We have seen many fall during the journey and I’m proud to say I have survived. I made it. I am just a step away from being a chartered accountant (now all I need to do is write the essay and submit to ICAEW-sigh, malas ok).  It is indeed an achievement of a lifetime cos these past 4 years, the journey has been very very hard. As u may know it from my past entries.

And so I hope next year will be a “new” year. Having a baby and praying hard, a new job. Please Allah, for I have suffered to gain this cert, please let it be worth it.

My tummy is bigger and rounder now. Baby also quite active, always moving. It’s interesting to see the baby movement from my tummy. Yeap, suddenly can see the tummy moving here and there, hehehehe. It’s a great feeling. I love to see my tummy moving, hehehe.

The downside, back pain become much worse. Most nights I can’t sleep for the pain is so bad. Some morning I end up in tears, for I can’t move a limb without feeling any pain. But I learn to bear with it, not much complaining. Just few tears here and there… huhuhu. I’ve done some massage but it doesn’t help much. I need my hot water bag and ice pack with me most of the time.

Oh well. That’s pregnancy for u.


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