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27 weeks

Posted on: November 26, 2010

It has been quite a rough week for me this week. I got back from my 1 week raya leave with a feeling of kemalasan and excitement (a bit) cos I have to handle new client. It’s always a thrill when have to handle new client cos it’s new! Hahaha. Though it’s also means it’s much harder as it’s new! 😛

Neway, during the leave, my FIL, BIL and husband are down with flu. So I was nursing my hubby and guess what, when he’s well, I’m the one that got the virus!! Huhuhu… stress okay. Coughing and flu. Last experience really scare me, I dont want to stay in hospital again.

I got MC for Tuesday & Wednesday and trying my hardest to recover myself asap. I drank LOTS of water (we bought the 2 bottles of 5 liter mineral water and I managed to finished them in 1 and half days). Hubby have to placed wet clothes on my forehead now and then. And every 4 hours (exactly 4 hours – I timed them), I took all the medicines.

Thursday – still got a bit of headache, flu and coughing, went back quite early as the client place is soooo cold that it worsen my condition.

Friday – feeling a lot better today despite some cough. I even bring hot water bottle today in case the coldness of the room become unbearable… huhu.

I hope to go to the parenthood expo tomorrow at Mid Valley. Don’t really know what to buy actually. Still haven’t bought any stroller/car seat etc but I think that one later pon bley kan. See how good the bargain tomorrow. Hopefully can go early and beat the noon crowd.

Oh yeah, i had quite good raya last week. My parents did some qurban and did all the cooking at my aunty place. There’s soup, daging bakar, masak kicap and cicah dengan air asam, ishhh.. make u hungry? Serius sedap. I really like my aunty’s cooking cos it’s always simple but delicious enough to make me tambah 3 pinggan nasi.. huhuhu

Oh, on my pregnancy, my tummy is very big now, many thought I’m delivering real soon, some even asked if I’m carrying a twin. It’s all in the gene, my mum’s and all my aunties have big tummy while they pregnant so no choice, huhuu. But I dont really like the way I look right now, semua mcm kembang, muka pon dh kembang, huhuhu… tak suka ok. My parents dah sound nanti after delivery sila diet.. huhu


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