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Shopping for little one

Posted on: November 27, 2010

Just got back from Mid Valley. Managed to get to the parent expo early (10-ish and still hard to get parking.. huhuh). There’s a lot of crowd, as expected but still able to walk around la. I think the best offer is the Mamypoko (yes, I’m talking about diapers now), which RRP should be around rm35+ but there is only rm20 so with Fatin’s help, managed to get 2 boxes. I still think its quite early to buy any diapers but the offer is too good to ignore so just bought some.

There’s so many booth selling insurance and educational stuffs which I totally ignore. I was thinking of buying insurance for the baby but I dont like to talk to insurance seller, can? Cos they only tell u the good things, didn’t tell the hidden charges etc. And those educational stuffs, macam la aku ada masa dan rajin kan? Hahahhaha. Yang orang dok suruh baca surah2 masa mengandung ni pon tak terlepas lagi, tak kuasa nak beli benda2 education ape tuh.

There’s also few booth promoting cell stem. Earlier, hubby and I want to use their facility, preserving our baby cord blood stem cell as we ‘heard’ that it will be useful should the baby encounter any critical illness. We seek our gynae advise and he let us know on the cons side.


– the cord blood stem cell will only be useful for any illness that has blood ‘disorder’ such as leukimia. If u have cancer which not related to blood, eg organ such as breast or kidney prob, the cord blood cell won’t help. Doctor will still need to use bone marrow.

– the cord blood stem cell does not expanding/growing, it is stagnant. So it only useful up to 13 years, as the cell can only accommodate up to that period.

– should your child suffer from these illness which cord blood can help, the doctor will only use it if it is certified by 3 bodies (I can’t remember the name). Most of these cord blood companies only COMPLY to these bodies regulation but do not have the cert. So, no cert, no use.

– The doc said the cell bank should be in proper location like in overseas where it is really like in ‘a bank’ but here in Msia, most companies store it at shop houses.. hmm… not convincing enough

So, we decided to just let it go. Plus, the doc said if the child did suffer from leukimia and such, they will just ask the parents to try for another baby then they take the baby fresh cord blood to use for the other sibling. Like the movie which is based on Jodi Picoult novel, suddenly can’t remember the name.

Other than that, been shopping at Mothercare, Jusco and other baby stores as most are having year end sales now. Macam gile, tengok banyak sangat barang2 cute… hahha. But managed to restrain myself and just buy the important ones, money is crucial around this time. Have to shop better.

Luckily got Fatin with me, helping me carry all those things and as usual, her advise and opinion are always greatly appreciated. Hehhehe. Thanks Fatin. Nanti time ko aku teman ok, then aku akan repeat ayat2 seperti: “Time aku kecik2 dulu, mak ayah aku TAK GUNA/BELI pon benda2 nih…”

Yeah, she repeat that sentence quite few times… hahaha.

It’s true. Our parents didn’t buy any baby cot (dok je atas tilam kecik tu), imported clothes (baju lubang2 Anakku je), stroller (?, dulu dukung anak je, tak pon beli yang murah je), car seat (ntah diorg tau ke tak exist benda nih), breast pump (again, guna tangan je), swaddle (guna lampin putih Anakku je), cloth diaper (?, lampin putih tu jugak), steriliser (rendam dalam air panas je), Avent bottle (pakai je botol murah, bila puting kuning, nasib baik, tukar baru) and etc etc.

And we are still raised well despite of just using cheap simple stuffs. But if we can afford it, and having all these items make our life easier, no harm in spending right. Not too much la kot, kang membazir pulak kalo tak guna.

Oh well, I just need to spend another 100 then I can get Mothercare member card! Still haven’t bought any towel yet! 😛


3 Responses to "Shopping for little one"

wahhh u managed to go there? I went on friday at 1pm and stuck finding parking for 1hr++++ and x dpt langsung! In the end terus keluar sbb sakit kepala tension. What a waste of time. Anyway the tajuk sister’s keeper hehe. Bagus fatin control sikit cik fiena kita hehe…kalau bab barang baby ni mmg rambang mata

hai aan, bile la aku nak tgk ur baby nih, baca blog ja. i tunjuk fina tempat parking yg strategik, within a minute she managed to park her mini cooper…haha (over la plak). i would say, shopping baby stuff mmg bessstttt la…n aku pon advised fina beli stroller yg twins tuh sbb lepas nih kan nak beranak lg, so xyah beli dah, save kan? i must say, she’s seriously thinking about that!!hehe

Haha Fatin, ko ni mmg boleh jadi personal shopper. Tu lah..bila nak tgk baby aku yg comel ni hahaha over. Ntah2 tunggu ko beranak dulu 😛

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