Blurt It Out!!

we’ve got stroller and car seat now :)

Posted on: December 6, 2010

Finally! We’ve got stroller and car seat!! And it’s not Peg Prego or Maclaren, we’ve got Graco instead, hehehe.

Went to warehouse sale the other day and saw the stroller with infant car seat carrier from 1200, after disc is 800 (400 ringgit discount okay!!) that we just grab it. It’s a really good bargain, love it. We also got playpen from 799, after disc 399 only, also graco. Super happy okey.

I’ve read many reviews on Peg Perego and Maclaren. Many that bought Peg will end up buy Maclaren later cos as baby grows, Maclaren much lighter. However, Maclaren do not have handle bar at the front which make me bit worry. What if the baby can’t sit still and manage to free from the belts etc.. huhu. And I like stroller that have place for cup etc, hehe.

Other than that, the only big item pending is breast pump. I’ve decided to buy Ameda lactaline pump, been reading its review, quite good. Don’t really want to splurge on medela right now, huhu.

Oh well, as for myself, I began to experience similar effect during my 1st trimester. I get tired very very easily nowadays, and slight stress is enough to make me dizzy and a headache, huhu, which is quite a hassle as my job and stress is inseparable!huhuhu. And I think I’m really not efficient at all now, always tired, always sakit kepala, only want to eat and sleep.. huhuhu.

Z is getting engage next week, I’m sorry I couldn’t go. I can’t ride plane right now and long drive, huhuuhu, minta maaf ok. Sangat sangat letih skrg. I hope everything goes smoothly as plan and I know u will look gorgeous 🙂

I’ve been wanting to watch Harry Potter but the thought of 2 hours, stuck at the seat, uishh… my back pain, how? I think I have to choose the back seat so that I can stretch whenever I want without disturbing people.


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