Blurt It Out!!

I think we r done with shopping for little one :)

Posted on: January 2, 2011

This past 3 days saw us going in and out of baby shops. Last minute shopping before year end sale ended.

Friday – bought breast pump. I nearly buy Medela FS from UK, around RM1500, quite cheap but since the arrival date is around 15th Feb, I got panic. Sempat ke? So decided to buy myself here.

Got myself Ameda Lactaline pump from Fabulous Mom. Feel so ‘semangat’ after reading Pinkstilettoes review on it, 10oz in 15mins!! Semangat semangat.. hehehe

Saturday – we haven’t got enough booties, mittens and cap, binder etc. So went to Anakku at Curve and bought complete set. Including baju lubang2. Kedah n Penang is hot!! My baby surely need baju lubang2.. hehehe. Mothercare punya baju lagi x bley pakai, hahahaha.

Sunday – realised that still havent got any steriliser and warmer. Ask aunty on that and she said for sterilising, she just use tablet, just need to buy warmer. So I thought, good, can save money as steriliser is sooo expensive. Then I googled about the tablet and there’s a risk of the tablet residue being left inside the bottle and baby might take it. Erk!! Scary ok. I mean, if I do it myself, I will make sure it’ll be really clean but what if the maid is doing it? Tak sanggup ok. So bought Tommee Tippee steriliser and warmer, which currently at discount from rm430, after disc is rm260 (steriliser alone). Which is quite a good deal. Avent steriliser is sooo expensive too.. huhu. Got the warmer at rm118, from rm168. Okla.

I have also bought Leesaformula bengkung, semangat utk kurus semula, hahahah.

So after looking at the checklist, we are only left with mosquito net for the playpen. Graco playpen can’t fit most of the stand mosquito net but found one on the internet and hope it can fit the playpen.

Btw, baby bag is sooo expensive, around 200-300, those that come with bottle warmer, diaper changing lah etc. We dont really need it right? For now, we dont even considering buying it but all this gadgets looks cute n tempting.. hehehe

Got doctor appointment tomorrow!! So excited to see the baby. 🙂


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