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Cuti dh start :)

Posted on: January 29, 2011

I’m officially off from work until April!! Hoohohohoh, sangat sangat suke ati.

Yeah, though my due date is mid-late Feb, thankfully next week full of public hols (Hari wilayah & CNY), and the doc give me one week MC so that I can go back to Penang early.

InsyaAllah I will deliver in Penang as I find it a hassle to deliver here in KL then go back to the north for pantang. I just don’t like long drive esp with the baby, so, in Penang for delivery and Kedah for pantang. Yeah, luckily Penang and Kedah is just around 1 1/2 hours. It will be first cucu for both sides of family so both r so excited that I think it’s only fair to spend some time in Penang and some in Kedah.

INsyaAllah, will be going back to Penang tomorrow, the thought of the long drive, ughhhh… my back, my back!! Tried not to imagine. I just hope the traffic will be smooth, quite worried lots of people already start travel back as next week is full of holidays.

Other than that, yesterday went for last check up at DSH, asked doc for 4d scan, unfortunately, like last visit, baby just refused to let us see the face!! Last time, dia tutup muka dengan tangan, this time, muka face back so cannot see. Hmmm, it will be a surprise then.

We still havent meet the doc in Penang, hoping to do it this Monday, hopefully everything will be smooth. I was hoping for baby to come out early, i’m entering 37 weeks, but I read stories that 1st baby always overdue. And I read that induce is quite painful. But then, the whole birth process is painful, right?

Still thinking whether to take epidural or not. Mum is against it as she believes anything that ‘touches’ ur back bone is harmful. I know lots of friends took epi. We’ll see how much I can tolerate with the pain, hehhe.

And so, wish me luck peeps! And hopefully I will have normal and safe delivery.


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