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Pregnancy tips 1

Posted on: January 31, 2011

Pregnancy tips

Random notes for my future reference n for anyone.

1- water
Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Seriously, I felt the difference when my body have enough water n when it’s not. Yes, the urge to go pee will be frequent n being lazy, u might try to drink less water, don’t! U r better off when u hv enough water.I really think water is the most miracle creation ever.

2 – back pain
Some ppl get the back pain, some don’t. I on the other hand, even before pregnancy, back pain have been an issue thus during pregnancy, it is a nightmare. During early pregnancy, I use hot water bottle for my back. Doc recommend for ice packs but I like hot water bottle better. I even bring it to client, yes, my back pain is that bad.

As the baby grew bigger, I use ice packs n I guess, I began to tolerate on the pain. I used lots of pillows when I sleep n even in the car. Now as the due date is nearer, the pain is worsen. I’m afraid to use hot water bottle in Case it affect the bb. I just got hubby to rub my back once a while n just use lots of pillows. Seriously, now I use around 6 pillows,huhu. And it help to have a sofa bed which can recline as u can adjust the head position,unfortunately mine is in kl thus I hv to satisfy myself with pillows.

3- shoes
When I know I’m pregnant, I set aside all my shoes. I bought scholl covered flat as it is professional enough for work. For non- works, I bought pirated crocs which hv comfy soles. I wore these two until 2 weeks ago,my feets swollen so bad that I can hardly fit into any shoes except for the expensive original crocs, with 3 size bigger! Sigh. Not sure wht I’m going to do with it once i’m back to normal size. It helps to invest in good shoes esp for an auditor like me, always running around the clients.

4- leg cramps
So far I hv only experienced once very painful leg cramp that made me shouted in pain n cry until it goes away. When that happen, hubby slowly massaged it n make sure my leg is straight. I guess I’m quite lucky to only experienced it once cos I know some ppl even experienced that at malls, quite embarrassing esp if u suddenly shout at the top of ur lung,huhuh.

Other than that, I normally get normal cramps, like lenguh2. It will disappear once u eat lots of bananas, seriously. N it has been a practice for me to sleep with a pillow below my knees n one between the legs, now u know why i used lots of pillows.

More tips coming up when I rajin


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