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Pregnancy tips 2

Posted on: January 31, 2011

5 – vitamins
In the first 3 months, the doc only subscribed me with folic acid. After that, a multi vitamin, called pramilet. However after the first 3 months, I have been taking the following too:
– HPA spirulina
– HPA Roselle (contains vit C)
– HPA mega3 ( contains fish – have DHA which help to develop brain)
– HPA grape seed oil
– HPA oats for breakfast
– calcium pill

I have been taking those HPA vits even before I’m pregnant as it helps to boost my energy and keep me from falling sick. So far, during my pregnancy, my blood pressure has been ok, my sugar level is ok, I’m ‘sick-free’. Though I have been eating and drinking sweet stuffs like cakes, chocs and ice creams. Alhamdulillah.

6- calcium
I have been reminded a lot of time by my mum to keep drinking milk so that the baby did not take any calcium from my body. ‘nanti dah tua baru tau, sakit badan semua etc’.

I had no problem with milk before my pregnancy. I love milk! But when I got pregnant, drinking milk made me bloated, dizzy and want to vomit. So I stopped. Until recently, I tried and seems ok, so only recently, I began to drink milk again.

Since I can’t drink milk, I’ve been taking calcium pill everyday. Just plain 20sen calcium pill I bought at the pharmacy. Doc also recommend me to take other dairy foods such as yogurt and ice cream (which I happily obliged).

Btw, mum has been nagging me on drinking goat milks but I love the fresh milk, that I just take turn taking these two. Yeah, I didn’t drink any of those anmum etc milk, I prefer fresh milk instead. At least it’s still a milk and got calcium, right?

7- sleep
From the start of pregnancy, yes, for the whole 9 months, I have not been getting decent sleep. During the early months, there’s suddenly constant urge to go toilet in the middle of the night. Middle pregnancy, the back pain, the rib pain, the cramps, again the toilet urge, I ended up crying as it’s very stressful indeed. Cos I still have to go work early morning and face the clients, managers, staffs, insufficient sleep give me headache and really worsen my moods. Sigh. Late pregnancy, back pain, harder to breathe as baby is kicking the lung, and baby constant movement, how to sleep?

People said avoid sleeping during day time but I hardly adhered that. I sleep whenever I can, mostly as a result of too tired for constant night struggle, huhuhu.

Oh yeah, it is recommended for pregnant mommies to sleep on their left side as it helps to ease the blood flow. Lying on the back is a no-no as the baby may block the blood vessel and the artery. I however, have been sleeping on my back most of the time.

In the early pregnancy, sleeping on the side is painful cos baby is kicking my rib cage that I can’t stand it. So I sleep on my back.with lots of pillows. In mid and late pregnancy, baby constant movement, kicking lung, leg cramps, I just give up. I sleep in whatever position I feel comfy. What’s important is I can get few sleep.

8- Cravings
Alhamdulillah, I have not craved for crazy stuffs during my pregnancy. Only I’ve began to take more sweet stuffs like cakes, chocs and ice creams. Especially when work become stressful than usual. In certain days, I ate cakes and chocs everyday. my fridge is always full with chocs n ice cream.

Alhamdulillah, my sugar level have been ok. I think maybe cos I take a lot of plain water too, it helps to flush out all those sugars.

Avoid soft drinks like coke etc cos those really have high sugar level that u may end up having diabetes. My hubby aunt took lots of soft drink during her pregnancy that she ended up getting diabetes and it never go away ever since. Scary ok.

Sometimes when I crave for something which is hard to get or not good for my body, I tried to refrain myself from eating them. People said it’s the baby that crave but for me, it doesn’t make sense cos the baby do not have any knowledge on foods, so how can the baby chose what to eat? My opinion la. Unless it make me really want them, that make me cannot do any works cos keep thinking abt it, then I will take it, only small bite or few sips, enough to satisfy myself and forget abt it.

9- Internet
If you feel any pain, just googled it. U will be surprise with how many people experience that too. And some have solutions for the pain, so just google, however crazy your pain may be.

10- pantang larang/petua orang tua-tua
I don’t know much about this but what I do know, I share it here. I do not know if the effect is actually true.
– do not eat pineapples, watermelon, papaya, tapai, ikan berduri like pari in the early pregnancy as it may lead to ‘keguguran’.
– do not eat on the stairs, I donno y but I’ve been told off by my aunts when I did that.
– do not kill or hurt any animals, applicable to husband as well as it affect how the baby turn out. I even forbid hubby from fishing during this 9 months, huhuhu.
– take telur ayam kampung egg yolk daily a week before due date so that u have enough energy for the labour. I’ve been taking them with honey. My aunty took them with lemon, see how much u can handle the raw egg yolk. my mil said during her time, she mixed egg yolk with coffee ok, erk, that sound more horrible,no?
– drink a lot of air kelapa when due date is near, again, it says for easy delivery.
– drink air zam zam throughout your pregnancy


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