Blurt It Out!!

Week 39

Posted on: February 8, 2011

Yesterday went for another check up. Baby is fine,head has been going down and is now weight around 3.2kg! Big baby, make me quite scared and relief at the same time. Scared if the baby is getting bigger then I have to go through c-sec and relief as bigger means not so tiny, I’m scared of holding tiny baby,hehehe.

Anyway, I hardly can sleep these days. Lying on my back, the baby move upwards, kicking my lung, making it harder to breathe. Lying on my side, my leg get cramps, baby still kicking lung. Very stressful indeed that I felt like asking the doc to induce me early as I’m so tired!

Mum is against it of course, saying induce is very painful. My mil is ok, all her kids been induced and within few hours, she delivered. Hubby cousin had to go through 21 hours of pain in the labour room. Sigh, I really hope and pray for easy delivery, not so painful too, huhuhu. Please pray for that ok peeps?

I am happy being off from work but all this waiting and doing nothing is boring. Every day, wake up, eat, pray, sleep whenever I can, playing with iPad ( seriously glad that I bought it), and occasionally went out to eat etc. Very boring but it’s way better than working so just accept it.

Next week will be another check up. Doc will be checking whether my cervix is ready and if the baby looks well and in position, I’ll be delivering next week! I’m so scared of becoming a mother! Scared of having to deliver. Scared of everything.

Oh Allah please help me to have safe, easy delivery and healthy baby.

Btw, people said pregnancy make u glow, u r at ur best with radiance looking skin etc but me, my skin become duller and no glowy what so ever. Tak puas hati ok.


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