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Posted on: February 11, 2011

I had a very good sleep last night that when I woke up I feel so fresh. Baby usually did aerobic (that’s what I call those active movement in my tummy-sometimes I think there’s even somersault), around 2am which really keep me from sleeping no matter how tired I am. But last night, I didn’t felt such movement, or if there is, I didn’t woke up, and I sleep until 6! Bliss!

I think it’s because I started to walk around a lot yesterday. Just walking around the room for 10 minutes or so few times a day. Even before I went to bed. I’ve read that baby tend to sleep while u r moving and become active when u r still or sleeping. So I guess my walk before I sleep last night must have rocked the baby to sleep. Amazing huh?

Will try it again tonight and hopefully my theory is right.

I have not feel any false contraction etc and I had a feeling baby going to be overdue. They say the first born is usually like that. Oh well baby, up to u when u want to come out, as long as mommy can get enough sleep, hehehe.

So, still waiting..


3 Responses to "Sleep"

holla!!!cepat la kuar baby, aunty can’t wait to see u n EY also can’t wait to have ur mom back in KL to start MBB’s audit!!!wow, baby dah besar from the last time u told me he’s around 2.9+, good!!take care n have fun while u can 🙂 hope u’ll have an easy n safe delivery soon!!

hai fiena, semoga dipermudahkan segalanya bila tiba masa dan harinya nanti ya. 🙂

Fatin – jahat ok, aku dok syok cuti n u mention audit, :p
Zuril – lama x dgr cite, ok ke. InsyaAllah , berharap semua ok.

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