Blurt It Out!!

Baby is soo happy inside

Posted on: February 14, 2011

Just got back from hospital, doc checked my cervix and informed us that the baby head still high. I know that of course as I still had problem breathing, huhhuuh. Then had to monitor baby heart beat for half an hour and guess what, baby is so happily kicking inside that the sound of the heart beat is very loud, hehe.

They say the first born always overdue… Huhhuuh. Another appointment this Friday, see how the progress. Whether have to induce or caesar, erk. Scared ok.

And I haven’t been sleeping well since my last entry, which made me tired, dizzy n moody. They said these insomnia is to prepare the mother for after child birth as newborn need to be feed every 2 hours. I’m speechless. Praying hard all will be ok.


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