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Dreams at 28

Posted on: March 22, 2011

I’ll be 28 this year. And I still have lots of dreams which I hope to achieve:

My dreams,which I hope to achieve at least once in my lifetime:
– to do what I do best, happy with it and get paid for it. Currently I’m an auditor, I’m good at it and get paid for it but I hate it. Hope later I’ll be able to get a job I’m happy with.

– to tour Europe again, with my husband. So I could share with him those place I have fallen in love with.

– should I get pregnant again, I wish to deliver without any pain killers or induced. There’s hypnobirth which supposed to help with the pain without any painkillers or bad nightmare.

– I wish to fully breastfeed my future babies. I’m still grieving giving my baby formula but bleeding nipple each time he sucks, I just can’t stand it. Maybe I’ll get better in future? And hopefully I have more milks? Hate it when people tell me stories how their milk is a lot that it wet their shirts.

– cry less? I should really control my emotion. I get soooo sensitive esp during this confinement period that tears keep dropping. Aishhh… Tired of it. These days crying give me headache too.

– to own at least one designer handbag – coach, dkny or gucci.

– to go holiday with hubby n kid(s) once a year

– to own a house which have yard for the kid(s), and hubby can have his patio to hang the birds, and pond full fishes.

– to own my dream car – BMW z4 🙂 hehehehe. Will I be rich enough to own it?

Can’t think anything else but I’ll keep on dreaming and working hard to get it!

My ultimate dream: to have long lasting happy marriage, full of love and laughter


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