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On the bright side

Posted on: March 24, 2011

There’s so much negativity in this blog thus I will try to only post the positive n happy things.

Danish is healthy,alhamdulillah. Just got his 1 month shot last Tuesday n alhamdulillah, no fever. Just a bit fussy n don’t want to sleep. Made mummy cranky, hahaha.

Time really flew by, he’s now 1 month, weight 4.3 kg and is 53cm. A healthy boy despite the occasional vomit due to he took very long time to burp.

So far he didn’t cry out loud, just sound like ‘eekkk’ but if u ignore it, then he let out loud wail, hahaha. So far his eeekkk sound is enough to make everybody ran to him. So manja this boy!

I’m really thankful and grateful for having great supportive in laws, from parents in laws to brother n sister. Without them I am more stressful than I am now, hahaha.

I’m also glad for having a hubby who have not yet lose his cool due to my emotional roller coaster. Kejap senyum, kejap nangis, kejap tarik muka, huhuhu. He always there. Really feel guilty for giving him extra headache with my childish behavior, huhu, will improve! I’m a mom now, be more grown up for goodness sake!

I guess I’ll have to leave Danish here in Penang as I hv not yet gotten a maid. Plus I don’t really trust having stranger taking care of him. Too many horrible news about nursery and babysitter that I think he better off here. Another emotional turmoil for me, let’s hope things will get better. Our family can stay together.

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2 Responses to "On the bright side"

look on the brighter side, think wisely and the best for urself, husband and danish 🙂 if being in penang is the best for u guys, maybe u should consider, i’m sure u’ll find a decent job for urself there where u can balance ur work life n family (rezeki kan ade di mana2 utk org yg berusaha). i believe u’ll feel empty without having sham n danish around in kl (naluri seorang ibu kan) n ended up crying n feeling sad leaving danish behind. aku doakan yg terbaik n may u be happy always surrounded by ur love ones 🙂 take care!!

But u will miss me so much, right? Hehehe. Ntahlah, nak sangat dok kl cos got u guys there but, being far from hubby n Danish, mcm lg sedey je, korang bkn bley entertain aku 24 jam :p

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