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Searching for the silver lining

Posted on: May 9, 2011

I have send in my resignation letter. And I haven’t got any job offer yet. Taking a risk? Yeap, just can’t take it anymore.

So far, haven’t gotten any news from any Penang company. I think if this continue, I may have to continue working in kl, only not as an auditor anymore. Any other jobs where I can have my weekend and see Danish.

It has been pretty tiring traveling back and forth every weekend but Danish, my little danish make it all worth it. I love him so much. Donno how to describe it. I’m just full of love for the little guy. All he did brings joy to my heart.

Allah knows best, right. Ada la tu rezeki aku di mana-mana, InsyaAllah.

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1 Response to "Searching for the silver lining"

Yup, u are absolutely right Feens. Allah know best. InsyaAllah, ada tu job yg sedang tunggu. Ameen. Can’t wait to meet the cute little boy of yours. Bila agaknya tu ye..huhu.. InsyaAllah..
p/s: Setiap dugaan pasti ada kesenangan. Ameen. Jgn putus do’a ye 🙂

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