Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: June 8, 2011

I’m in Penang. Danish is sleeping next to me. He has grown so much in short time! I went to kl for 4 days and when I got back, he gets more tembam, hehehe.

Did medical check up for the new company and found out my cholesterol level is very high. So does my uric acid which if I didn’t monitor my health properly after this, I could be getting gout! Oh dear, no more seafood or meat for me 😦 sad sad

And the doc said I have to lose 9 kilos! Sigh, been reading ‘lazy girl guide to losing weight’ by a.j Rochester. Apparently she lose 45 kilos in 2 years! Wow! She said one week, u should lose 1 kilo. Then, in 10 weeks time, I shall have my figure back? Yeah right. Not if I didn’t exercise. Sigh. I’m so damn lazy to get sweat! But remembering that my friends thought I’m pregnant when I went to zara’s wedding last weekend,I have to stop being lazy, right? Sigh. So, where to start? I donno.

I have donate ALL my before-pregnancy clothes to my sisters. They take everything that I put in the box! Sigh.

What kind of exercise shall I do? Lazy to go gym, like swimming but forgot how to swim, thinking of jogging around the condo, seen few people did that. Like cycling but no one to cycle with. Wish I can go back to the times when I was in Lancaster. I can just join the netball practice with the girls, play tennis or baseball. Ahhh… Times when I was skinny and healthy


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