Blurt It Out!!


Posted on: June 29, 2011

The maid has arrived. InsyaAllah, will be bringing Danish to KL this weekend.

Mixed feelings. Very very happy that Danish going to be with me, finally!! And quite scared thinking about the maid. Is the maid reliable? Can she be trusted? Will she take good care of Danish?

Another phase of life: having and handling a maid. Hmmm

Currently the maid is at my aunty house, being trained in handling households and kids.

I can only pray and hope for the best, huhuhu.

About work, this is my 2nd week here and I’m bored to death! Cos I haven’t been giving which accounts to handle yet and currently everybody else is busy with the month end closing so, all these waiting time is really booorrriiingggg and sleepy. Sigh. Wish I could MIA but scared, hahahaha. So, stuck at the cubicle, trying to do sumthing until 5.30pm.

Feels quite nice going back at 5.30 sharp every day, hehehe. Was thinking of trying to cook dinner but so far, failed! Huhuh. Trying to de-clutter the house as I believe there’s so many junks in the house! Pening! But because there’s so many, I ended up on the couch watching tv, hahaahah. So tak settle settle gak. Sigh.

I guess I could ask the maid to do it but she won’t know which one is junk, which one is a keeper. Hmmm

 Boring update? Hahhaha. With all these free times, I become more lazy, hence, also malas nak update blog 😛


1 Response to "Boooring?"

Wahhhh, dah ada maid tu! hehe…Biler Danish datang Feens..Tak sempat lagi nak dukung dia.. 🙂

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