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Malam malam cari bintang

Posted on: June 30, 2011

Have u guys heard or ever read Aididleaks or Aidid Muaddib blog? Oh my, it’s hilarious! Gelak sorang2 bila baca. Though most of the posts is actually a serious business.

You can say he’s an anti-MLM. He will provide facts, not slander, and condemn all these MLM. His intention is to guide/educate people who like to burden themselves and buy/join MLM, which usually sell useless product at a very high price. I have lots of acquaintances that join MLM. And I haven’t yet seen any being successful and free from financial worries. Most ended up being conned, having to pay the personal loans and with the products stack up at the corner of the house, collecting dusts.

I nearly joined MLM actually, thankfully because I’m so lazy, I find the idea of promoting the products, marketing etc is a hassle. Even now, though many has claimed they have become very rich from MLM.

As per aidid blog, he did a research on the hukum in Islam on MLM. Saudi and Indon wrote a lengthy topic on this on their website and decided that’s the income from MLM is haram. It is similar to riba’. Though Malaysia, don’t know why, decided its halal. Hmmm. I agree with the Arab’s scholars.

Btw, this is my personal opinion ok. Doesn’t mean to insult any of my friends here that join MLM. We all matured enough to make our own decision.

 I encourage you guys to check out aidid website. So we could prevent people from using their ptptn money and join MLM. Sighhh. Seriously, I have few friends did that. Wasting money.

Just my 2-cents. Search aidid muaddib and you be directed to his blog. I forgot the url.


1 Response to "Malam malam cari bintang"

Hehe.. i read him too. Banyak info dia dig out. Anyway if u want to succeed in MLM, kena all out habis2..bukan goyang kaki duit masuk. We can see online macam happynyaaa derang ni boleh shopping etc etc but it’s down to hard work.

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