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Posted on: July 11, 2011

Having a maid, my house seems so much cleaner and tidy! She mopped and swept the floor every morning!

But why oh why, I keep having bad thoughts? I get so scared that I can’t sleep well at night. I’m scared she will let strangers in when I’m out. Then they will take everything away.I’m scared she will do some ‘hocus pocus’ aka black magic to us, and take all our things and money. I’m scared she will hurt Danish when she think no one is looking.

Sigh.. seriously can’t sleep at night. And I hate this. But I have spend 3K ++ for her to come to Malaysia, I can’t just send her back, right? Wish I could just send Danish to nursery instead but no one like that idea.

I’m really a worrier.. sigh


2 Responses to "Maid"

I knowwwwwwwwww..that’s the pros n cons and I’m thinking about it too. I mean, sangat tak larat now..and we keep panggil monthly maid to cuci and stuff, but at the same time to have daily maid? ahhhh such thought mmg menakutkan. that’s why we put on hold dulu the plan. but somehow have to la kan..sooner or later. since u already have one, just cross the finger and hoping for the best šŸ˜‰

Yeah, maid is becoming a necessity now. Wish I could just be a at home mom.. huhuu. But what to do, nak cari rezeki, utk masa depan anak2 jugak.

Praying hard all will be ok. I think so far she’s ok, just each time someone tell me the bad stories about maid, I keep imagining it.. huhuu…

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