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To do list

Posted on: July 11, 2011

My to do lists which have been put off for years:

1- Print Kedah reception photos!(yeah, 2 years and still in the laptop)

2- Print Danish photos since he’s born and stick it on the scrap books. ( the scrap book looks soooo cute, so keep buying them.. sigh)

3- Finish the scrap book for hubby (it has been 2 years and its still in the closet)

4- Print a really nice photo into a canvas size (milkadeal got offer on this)

5- Upload and use the coupon that I bought for the photobook, expired in October! (i think, ke dh expired? Sighhh)

6- Make a time to cut my hair, need a serious trim. Should just buy vouchers from milkadeal or sumthing.

7- Go for a massage.. body is sooo tired. Getting old.Again, should buy those cheap vouchers.

8- Take multivitamin. I stop it after delivery, should continue so that my body do not feel like a 70 years old lady.

9- Update blog on Danish milestones.

10- Buy korean drama dvd ‘Personal Taste” or “Witch Yu Hee” or “Prosecutor sumthing” or “Coffee House” – basically those dramas showing on TV8 and channel 715.. huhu (Got UNIFI now, say NO to dvd.. hehehe)

11- Go ‘shop-crawling’ at the Sunway damansara area. There’s so many boutiques and quite cheap too!!

12- Learn to jahit manik so I can have a gorgeous baju kurung.. hahaha

13- Take photos of all my books and put it on for sale. So many books!!

14 – Sew my jeans – it’s too long and loose(ehem.. those jeans I bought right after delivery)

15- Sew the zip to our sofabed.

16- throw/sell unused shoes, handbags

17- Buy little sister and her friend bus ticket for hari raya. While there’s still stock!!

Is this all? Feel like there’s a lot of to do list in my mind. Hopefully I can clear some of them since I’m soooo free right now.

p/s: I keep updating this post every 10 mins.. huhu


1 Response to "To do list"

i havent print terengganu receptions too..and i also bought the photobook voucher and tatau expired bila and dont know where i keep the voucher cannn? mcm in the lappy tapi tak jumpa *sigh*.

so many thing to do with so little time

Ps: Danish still in penang?

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