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Posted on: July 14, 2011

It would have been another awesome things but.. what about Danish? *sigh*

Ok. The company is sending me to Paris for 2 months soon. I was thinking of bringing baby and hubby too. But my parents opposed the idea of bringing Danish. They said he’s too small, and the 12 hours flight, and what if something happen? We cannot speak/understand French! Sighhhhh

And, I couldn’t refuse the offer. Not because it’s Paris; I’ve been to Paris so I’m ok if I have a choice of not going. But it affect my career development and bonus. Colleagues have been saying that I would be really dumb to refuse such good offer.. huhu

And if I refuse the offer, they will still send me off to some other countries and I’m scared if it’s a not nice country. Better go to a nice country right?

So, I’ll be going. Danish will be staying. I won’t be there to celebrate his first raya with him. Seeing him in baju melayu. Ok, have to stop, tears start to fall.

Nak cari rezeki, nak berjaya, mcm2 dugaan.


2 Responses to "Paris"

First, congrats!

Second, u do the right thing! He’s too small to be aboard that long. Imagine if ada cough ke fever ke, kelam kabut on a foreign land, and u won’t enjoy the stay. Not to say that you go there to enjoy…but it’s work kan. I know u gonna miss him to bits, even money wont compensate the time with him, just buy him lotsa things! šŸ˜€

Thanks Aan, for being so understanding, know what I’m going through and how hard it is for me to make this decision.
Thanks for your support. It meant so much.

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