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K dramas addiction started!!

Posted on: July 20, 2011

UNIFI has just been installed at my house last friday and I was so excited. I even search on which korean drama I should watch first and decided on “playful kiss”.

And it’s like university days all over again. Sleeping late just to finish that one episode which ended up into 2/3 episode.. huhuh. And woke up with a headache due to lack of sleep but not complaining! Sigh..

I finished the 16 episodes in 2 days!! Start watching once I got back from work til late.. huhu. And I cannot get the sweet scene out of my head!! Found myself smiling and chuckle.. ahh… so sweet.. hehehe

I seriously in love with UNIFI, hahaha. No buffer at all! Dear friends, install UNIFI if love watching K-dramas. it is soooo worth it! Haven’t switch on the tv for days now.. hehe.

Now I was thinking what is the next drama. Thinking of “Lie to Me” or “You’re Beautiful”.. hmmm… so many choices.

Ahhhh… heart K-dramas! They r the best!


4 Responses to "K dramas addiction started!!"

haha glad u enjoying ur unifi. me watching city hunter and lie to me now..mcm best jugak..but kat tv la.. :p

loh.. lie to me tgh show kat tv ke? tv apa? ko kan ada unifi, y not just watch online? can watch at or

tv KBS. astro punya package, tgk kat umah mentua. I have unifi, but dont have the time :p tapi adik aku mmg dload korean drama kaw-kaw la (she’s staying with me now)

Nnti aku cari adik ko kalo nak drama korea, ok? Hehhehe

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